How to submit an tender with "Sobre Digital"

The Digital Envelope is an electronic tendering tool, integrated with the Public Services Procurement Platform of the Generalitat de Catalunya, which allows the presentation and opening of offers electronically, guaranteeing the confidentiality of its contents until the moment of the opening.

In the following sections you will find help materials and tenders for testing:

Documentation and Video

Technical issues

Tender testing

Contactes de suport

Support for tenders of the departments and entities of the public sector of the Generalitat of Catalonia, institutions and statutory bodies and other entities

For questions related with a concrete tender, you have to contact with the organ of contracting that correspond, through the address that at this effect featured at the tender instrucctions or at the profile of the contracting unit.

If it treats of incidence or of technical queries related with the tool, have to contact with the SAU TIC by the following channels:

Suport a licitacions d'entitats de l'Administració local (ajuntaments, diputacions provincials, etc.) o universitats.

Open query to the contracting bodies that does the tender ( address pointed out at the administration folds or at the contracting entity profile)